Thanks to 97 fans and the help of Hans Haveron.  Adam Lambert started his We are Glamily tour wearing Skins and Stones / Hans Haveron skeleton key on stage in Korea and Japan.  The skeleton key is featured with a mixture of 176 sapphires and black and white diamonds.  The design of the key is based off of Hans Haveron's painting Sepia's Secret.  The symbol of the key, which represents the child within all of us that unlocks the infinite wisdom of the universe soon became Adam Lambert's third tattoo. 

Back in November 2012, Carter Sutterland asked Shannon Shiang, jewelry designer of Skins and Stones to make a secret birthday gift for Adam and therefore, a private email chain started to include the fans to participate in this special token of appreciation. The fans were welcome to write a message in Adam Lambert birthday book in which Lucas Vitek graciously donated his artwork for the cover.   Adam received the jewel adorned necklace and started his Asia tour, wearing the piece, showing the love he has for the fans participating in this offering.  Adam tweets, "Special thanks to @skinsandstones and all the fans who chipped in for the ferocious skeleton key necklace!! I LOVE it!!!

Thanks to everyone who was able to make this happen.